C28 | 5-in-1 dual cable

Rubber & metal finish cable (length: 1m) with double lighting logo fitted with 3 jacks (Type C, Android, iPhone) and rPET cords (plastic from recycled bottles).

The cable can charge 2 or 3 devices at the same time.

Thanks to its dual USB-A + USB-C output, the cable is 100% compatible with the latest computers on the market (USB-C).

The 2 illuminated logos can be different from each other (option).

White, blue and red LED colors are available from stock.

LED color can also be orange, yellow, green or dynamic multicolour (option).

Everything is included: recto/verso customisation and biodegradable pouch with paper card.

The eco way

  • rPET cords (recycled bottles)
  • biodegradable TPU packaging
  • printing in Europe
biodegradable packaging
biodegradable packaging
3 in 1 cable
3 in 1 cable
customisable lighting logo
customisable lighting logo
rPET cable
rPET cable
C28 - 5-in-1 dual cable
C28 - 5-in-1 dual cable
C28 - 5-in-1 dual cable
C28 - 5-in-1 dual cable
C28 - 5-in-1 dual cable
C28 - 5-in-1 dual cable
C28 - 5-in-1 dual cable
  • Fast charging : 2A
  • No data transfer
  • Finishing of the shells : metallic matte
  • rPET cords (plastic from recycled bottles)
  • Weight : 35 g
  • Total dimension : 2,6 x 102 cm length
  • Cables length : 3 x 10 cm
  • Compatible : Type C, iPhone, iPad et Android
  • Type C, iPhone, Android : Out / USB : In
  • Material : ABS with soft-touch rubber finish (for import) & nylon
  • Patent Europe EUIPO


Minimum order: 200 units in import et 50 units in stock France

Delivery approximately 5-6 weeks in import and 1 week in stock France after validation of the final proof.

Customs code: 8544429090

Lighting logo

lighting logo – 18 x 18 mm

Offset printing

offset on the paper card – 175 x 55 mm

Option : gift box


Dimensions of gift box : 20.9 x 4.5 x 2.1 cm


Delivered in a presentation pouch made of biodegradable TPU

Dimensions of the pouch : 20 x 7 cm


Dimensions of the export carton : 50 x 30 x 30 cm

Weight of the export carton: 9.05 kg

Number of units per carton: 200

Weight of the export carton: 9.75 kg

Number of units per carton: 200