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earbuds freedom eco

E18 | earbuds freedom eco

wireless earbuds with wooden charging case

10W eco wireless base

W13 | 10W eco wireless base

10W Wireless charging station made of FSC wood and rubber, with lighting logo

eco cable

C19 | eco cable

3-in-1 cable made of FSC wood and rPET

powerbank eco wood 5000

P35 | powerbank eco wood 5000

Wooden battery (FSC certified) with lighting logo

powerbank clever 5000

P20 | powerbank clever 5000

Rubber and Metal powerbank

extended eco cable

C29 | extended eco cable

1-meter long 3-in-1 cable made of FSC wood and rPET

About SCX Design

SCX design is a French company who specializes in promotional products with innovative and exclusive designs.

Our commitments

At SCX design, we care to develop sustainable products that are respectful of our environment.

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