W16 | wireless charger 10W

This 10W charger has been designed to be environment-savvy : wood, rPET charging cable and antibacterial treatment on rubber, with customizable lighting logo.

Thanks to its double wireless sensor, the smartphone can be charged in a vertical or horizontal position allowing the calls and video reading. This charger is QI compatible and allows the charging of all QI compatible devices (smartphones, earbuds...)

Everything is included: customisation, rPET charging cable and gift box with magnet closing mechanism in recycled paper.

The eco way

  • 82% less plastic
  • bamboo
  • rPET cable included
  • recycled and biodegradable packaging
  • printing in Europe
  • 3-year warranty
antibacterial treatment
antibacterial treatment
3-year warranty
3-year warranty
green technology
green technology
wireless recharge 10 W
wireless recharge 10 W
customisable lighting logo
customisable lighting logo
rPET cable
rPET cable
W16 - wireless charger 10W
W16 - wireless charger 10W
W16 - wireless charger 10W
W16 - wireless charger 10W
W16 - wireless charger 10W
  • Item dimension: 140 × 70 X 12 mm
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Input: 5V/2.4A
  • Output: 10
  • bamboo & antibacterial ABS wih soft touch finish
  • Wireless distance: 3-8mm
  • QI compatibility
  • 3-year warranty (cable excl)

The product includes a micro USB charging cable (70 cm) made of recycled plastic (rPET).


Minimum order: 100 units in import et 25 units in stock France

Delivery approximately 5-6 weeks in import and 1 week in stock France after validation of the final proof.

Customs code: 8504409090

Lighting logo

lighting logo on the front side – 42 x 65 mm

Offset printing

digital printing with embedded lighting logo – 77 x 48 mm

Pad printing

1-colour pad printing on box – 130 x 70 mm

W16 is delivered in a biodegradable gift box with magnetic closure:


Dimension of the box : 159 x 89 x 32 mm

Dimension of export carton : 45.5 x 33 x 17 cm

Weight of the export carton: 11.90 kg

Number of units per carton: 50