quality & sustainability


At SCX design, we specialise in designing unique products for our customers and we are convinced that advanced consumption habits are key to a sustainable future. Our products are exclusive, premium and warrantied for 3 years so that end-users can thoroughly enjoy them for a long time.

Green technology


We continually work on improving our products in order to reduce their impact on the environment.


We carefully select our suppliers according to the working conditions they offer to their employees and we regularly conduct strict audits of our suppliers’ factories.


You can recycle our products at any sorting centre or collection point near you.

Green Innovation

We put a lot of care into the development of eco-friendly packaging and materials. As a result, SCX gift boxes & pouches are made from recycled materials and are recyclable.

where can you recycle our products?

Your SCX item is no longer working, is not repairable and has exceeded its 3-year warranty? Do not throw it away!

Most of our products have lithium batteries and are made from various electronic components. The best solution is to dispose of your used electronic products at a recycling facility near you. 

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